Green Roofing

A green roof is an alternative to a traditional roof. As environmental awareness has increased so too have the available options. This allows us to minimise and even stop the harmful effects of carbon and gas emitted into the atmosphere. Now the building trade has developed a means of helping us reduce our own carbon footprint – ‘Green Roofing’.

Local and district councils are supporting home owners and managers of office and apartment blocks to install Green Roofing. This is not only cost effective but also very eco-friendly. London and other parts of the UK have developed Green Roof policies which actually support this living technology.

Green Roofing is designed to:

  • Reduce heat emissions as our summers become hotter,
  • Counteract the sudden summer flash floods that will accompany our changing climate, by slowing rainfall from your roof
  • Create eco-systems in urban areas to support wildlife – even some rare species,
  • Act as a thermal moderator of building interiors – i.e. maintaining heat in cold winters and keeping cool in hot summers,
  • Create a sound-proofing by absorbing noise,
  • Filter pollutants in the air to improve air quality,
  • Provid green space (in the form of roof gardens). for those who can’t otherwise experience parks and rural areas this will enable you to grow plants and potentially vegetables


The benefits of a green roof are endless and can be tailored to your individual requirments. Call our office today for further advice.

Other alternative roofing solutions to the traditional roof are:

Rolled zinc sheet lasts for decades and can be recycled and once on your roof it needs little maintenance. This roofing material is becoming more and more popular not least because it looks good, is strong and can withstand flooding not to mention being very cost effective. Pre-weathered zinc is available which carries the blue-grey or graphite-grey of zinc which happens after years of real exposure to weathering. This option ensures your roof resembles that of an old building immediately.

Another possibility is pre-weathered copper roofing. The beautiful reddish copper shine turns to brown and after much weathering it will eventually turn green. Now the beautiful old copper green can be applied immediately. Why don’t you discuss with one of our advisors and adapt the finish to enhance your individual property.

A rubber flat roof is a great alternative to the asphalt, felt or bitumen flat roofs that reach the end of their full lives after approxiamtely 10 years. A rubber flat roof is cheaper and lasts for 50 years or more and is tough against even extreme weather. Durable, good-looking and flexible you could be assured of a water tight roof.

Firestone rubber which is a single membrane, EPDM flat roof is best for small residential extensions, garages, and balconies. It is long lasting, durable and requires little or no maintenance, making a low-cost option for homeowners. It can be installed using cold adhesives and is very safe to install.

A sedum roof is a particular kind of green roof needing very little maintenance. Sedum is a plant which grows on your roof providing a series of benefits very similar to other green vegetation roofs. Once the sedum turf is laid it will continue growing very low and dense, forming a carpet of somewhere between 2 and 5 centimetres deep. The benefits of this green roof include noise and heat reduction, insulation against cold, flood control, air cleansing and an environment for living creatures.

Cedar shingle roofs are lightweight solutions for roofing using wood from the Canadian Western Red Cedar tree. Offering you a truly green and sustainable roof it is durable and weathers well. It can last for 50 years if treated with preservative and is particularly suited to stables, summerhouses, porches and sheds.

We are at present in partnership with another company, installing domestic and commercial solar systems. We are currently working on a 1000kw PV system being installed on commercial premises in the Newquay area. Please contact us for further information.